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Name: Cassie Raieh Age: 19 Gender: Female Race: chimerate (very feline) Job: Espionage/intrusion agent

Description: Less than a meter tall upright, Cassie is a dwarf brown-furred feline with white spots. She prefers to walk on all fours though can move (with difficulty) on her hind legs. Cassie has very few humanoid aspects, except for opposable thumbs and distinct fingers. She has quite a few cybernetic implants and gadgets usually, noticeably a metal plate in her left shoulder and her black armbands. One of her eyes are golden and catlike, the other a liquid grey human looking implant. She usually wears some baggy adaptive camouflage gear set to urban colours - it can change to match the environment, but very slowly - usually takes two to three minutes. She usually can speak the Celtarian language well, but under extreme stress can revert to animal tones and machine code. Having lived around humans most of her life, she prefers to be in their company, though usually not well accepted... leaving her slightly outcast in BOTH worlds.

Skills/Abilities: Physically very agile. Can usually escape normal situations due to training and speed. A very proficient expert in espionage and intrusion especially electronic systems, trained in skulking around. Can improvise quite a few gadgets if necessary. Has access to internal communication signals (her tail has an aerial in it ^.^) and is paired with an A.I. (called Twelve) which gives her a large database of info and advice. One bionic eye. Her armbands, as well as acting as lockpicks, tools and instrumentation have tazer launchers (up to 30m), which also can work in close combat if in dire straits (she'd rather run). Also a flashlight laser to burn very small holes in things (when normally powered gives off about a 2mm ray, no good vs armour/anything very solid). All her gadgets are powered by an internal power cell, which needs constant recharging (after about a week of minimal use, or anytime after heavy implant usage), and she has two methods of regaining power - she can use an adaptor to recharge of any normal power port via a port under her shoulder plate, or by eating she can restore minimal power, though getting only small amounts of energy like this this leaves her feeling constantly hungry, weak and vunerable (from not being able to use her implants). After recharging she feels more perky and active, and vice versa without recharging for long periods she becomes more waspish, edgy and may start to scavenge for any nearby energy. She can be used as a battery, but finds it very demeaning.

History: As a baby Cassie was bought from an orphanage by a quite shady interplanetary human company, which implanted her with various cybernetics and made modifications to her hands. She was paired with a prototype A.I. (Twelve, the 12th version), trained as an industrial espionage agent by the company and carried out quite a few missions, which she did proudly (The company treated her well. She was quite a large investment). When the company was caught in the scandal of the genetic experiment, she went freelance, but found little work in the cities. Family: Unknown. She was quite close to her mentor, Raul, but he commited suicide when the company went into debt.

Alternate version of Cassandra Raieh. Character created by Reaver225.

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