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Full name: Chamon Zee Cathay.

Species: a Zen

Race: Chamon, indicating that he is yellow in natural form.

Personality: His personality can vary from time to time but most of the time he tries very hard to act formally because he knows that he is far from the civilization of his people and does not want to create a bad impression.

Age: Zeni ages are measured in inequal stages, based on their abilities. Cathay has reached the "active" or "awakened" stage.

Abilities: Like all zeen, Cathay can alter his body based on features of people whose information he has acquired. He can combine features from these bodies at his current stage. This makes the appearance section useless until he can design a body that he will keep. He is immune to transformation effects due to his bodily functions. He can create clothes from his body to cover himself.

Weaknesses: Because he is immune to transformation, he can only change shape based on another body. Because his metabolism runs predominantly on magical energy, he is literally incapable of any spells. He has not yet reached the stage where he may form a body part without an entire body.

Background: Cathay is one of the few members of the zeni species to leave their homeland since Azyr Aeri Amul Heaven-opener first discovered the methods of dimensional travel and the only one to do so before receiving a single body. He has no idea how he arrived in the land of LPW since his memory starts shortly after his arrival, and he does not know his family or their name. The only things he knows before this point are from the knowledge that is shared with all zeen, which includes several famous zeen of the past and his natural abilities.

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