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Celtar, a parallel dimension similar to our own Milky Way Galaxy. Actually, it is closer to being a parallel of our very own Solar System that we live in. The same races here on our original Earth are seen in the main planet called 'Celtar', though there is a prevalence of the more often-talked about Chimerate races. Despite having to live underneath the Humans, many Chimerates are quite skilled and hold jobs most Humans can get. This, sadly enough, isn't what is bothering the world. A recent outbreak of a genetically-created Chimerate has alerted the Humans to a dangerous level, of which they have deemed it necessary to find this Chimerate by any means possible. The other planets are inhabitable, but have differences that cause issues with most normal scanning equipment such as Dust Storms or Electrical Disturbance Fields. This has been making it hard to track the escaped Chimerate, though her recent position has been brought to the planet Zarcinas. The mission that everyone has been given, humans and Chimerates alike, is to go and retrieve her.

This is a slow RP, and still an open RP (for now).


Celtar 2.0 is run by Atashi-Cloud, and is just starting. More players are welcome. The discussion thread is here, while the RP thread itself is here.

Current players

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