Chaim Silvernail

From Egs Mayhem

Name: Chaim Silvernail

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Height: 6’

Appearance: Short, curly, flame red hair, bright green eyes with silver flecks, perfectly tanned, blemish free, skin, and in almost impossibly good shape. He can typically be seen in cargo pants, and a tank top or t-shirt, over which a light jacket with several outer and inner pockets is usually added starting in the late fall and ending in the early spring. Said pockets, including the ones in his pants, are usually loaded with whatever he thinks he’ll need for the day. Because he doesn’t always empty them at night this can lead to him having some rather interesting things on his person if he wears the same pair of pants two or three times in a row.

Personality: Chaim lacks the stereotypical temper associated with being a redhead, or almost does anyway. It’s there, just buried beneath near endless patience and a natural upbeat-ness.

Mundane Abilities: -Chaim has some training in kenjutsu from a middle aged Japanese man that lives near him who used to teach it in Japan before he moved to America.

-Origami (same source as the kenjutsu)

-Driver’s license

Powers: Health -Chaim is always as healthy as it’s possibly for a human being to be. More so really. He’s never once had a cold, or even a stuffed up/runny nose, let alone anything like the flu, chickenpox or measles and he has no allergies whatsoever, not even mild hay fever. This includes not getting the itchy rash from plants like poison ivy or poison oak. In addition to this it’s impossible for him to be in anything other than the best shape possible, making his endurance, stamina and lung capacity quite amazing.

-Besides being impossibly healthy Chaim heals more rapidly than normal, though not so fast that you can see it happening. He also has a natural immunity to most minor poisons and low amounts of some of the stronger ones.

History/Background: Chaim, born and raised in a small town in northern Illinois, seemed perfectly normal as a child. The first hint of anything odd was the day his siblings all got poison ivy and he didn’t, after the four of them had practically rolled in a patch of it while playing in a wooded lot near their house.

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