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On the thread within the thread (for the most part)

  • Sleepy wakes up to realize that he is two people. One is a catgirl and the other is an owl.
  • Sleepy starts a thread about this and adds a picture of the two Sleepys.
  • Paine wakes up with a gun and joins the thread.
  • Oz wakes up as KF-Oz and spends some time checking herself out in the mirror before joining the thread with her own picture.
  • Cheez is still sleeping.
  • AP wakes up as Ann and tries to make sense of what has happened.
  • She eventual finds Sleepy's thread and joins it.
  • Oz realizes the sensitivity of her new ears then replies to Ann's post.
  • Ann calls Oz the wrong name.
  • Oz catches this and is slightly insulted.
  • Ann apologizes then decides to get over the awkwardness of using the restroom as the other sex.
  • Oz comments that she looks like some thing done in Photoshop.
  • Mandros wakes up to find that he can see (without glasses) and that he has a winged skull at his place so he joins the thread.
  • Book wakes up as the Anti-Christ and joins the thread.
  • KE wakes up to to find that he is floating and physically male. He joins the thread.
  • KE asks what Book means by waking up as the Anti-Christ.
  • Book explains that the character is from a comic he once made.
  • Oz comments on her flame aura powers.
  • KE comments that he doesn't have a picture of himself.
  • Oz asks KE which version of KE he became.
  • KE comments that he may be the Star Wars universe version and asks if he has a light saber.
  • Paine posts a picture of himself with a very nasty scar.
  • Oz comments on the scar.
  • KE notes that Staranos does not have a light saber as ...
  • Paine realizes he is now Volke.
  • KE realizes he is a Kryptonian.
  • Oz comments that Staranos has only one sentence describing him.
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