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Camp Mayhem

  • Malachy chuckles and introduces himself to CK then tells Pai not to be jealous.
  • CK shakes Mal's hand and expresses an interest in his tentacles.
  • Mal is impressed by CK's firm grip.
  • His tentacles wrap gently around her waist as he tells her she's "my kind of woman".
  • Pai glares at Mal and threatens to steal Cameo's knife if he says she's jealous again.
  • CK pulls a flick knife from hammerspace expecting an "awesome" knife fight.
  • Staranos throws his knife past CK's head and warns that there will be no knife fights.
  • Staranos retrieves his knife then sends Eranhu to check on Grim.
  • Akiva is spooked back into a tent by the knife throwing.
  • CK asks Staranos about play fights, axes, and swords.
  • Staranos says weapons are for training and defense of the camp only.
  • Mal disagrees with Staranos.
  • Staranos says weapons aren't toys.
  • CK strokes one of Mal's tentacles while she has a light-hearted back and forth with Starnos about weapons.
  • Staranos randomly speaks Adonarite.
  • CK points this out and Staranos promises to try and speak English.
  • Helseth throws several dagers at the tree and tells Staranos he doesn't need to speak English.
  • CK yawns
  • Catgirl Mandros studies her spell book.
  • Since Mandros's cube is stuck to her hand, she uses her tail to flip the pages.
  • Kay asks the Oz doll if she is alright a second time.
  • Kay notices that she has been subconsciously juggling a dagger with one hand.
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