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Page 51

Kay's Tent

  • Kay is crying to Mandros about people freaking out.
  • Mandros enters Kay's tent and attempt to comfort her.
  • Kay is still upset about people "turning creepy and scary".
  • Mandros suggest that electing a respected leader could regain some semblance of order.
  • Kay nominates Oz and Mandros seconds her.

The River: Upstream

  • BinaryWraith (BW) carves a circle of runes in the ground to extract Grim's soul to the metal.
  • He asks KE to fight the demon while he does so.

Across the River: In A Tree

  • Ann laughs at the ludicrous nature of the situation developing with Kay and the rest of the camp.
  • She attempts to calm down by listening to the enchanted Conga music.

Cheezkyrie's Tent

  • Mal confirms CK's hearing of Kay's yell and then he hears the Conga music.

Camp Outside

  • MDM regains his sanity.
  • Eve marches into the woods and returns transformed back into MDM.
  • Oz lightly lectures a crying Joy about respectful behavior.
  • Kasumi enjoys the chaos.

Yun's Tent

  • Yun and the rest of his party are enjoying the peace of their magically sound-proofed tent.
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