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Based of Creature with the same name from Exalted.

The Animal version

The Chillikin closely resemble gangly, one-foot-tall gibbons with soft white fur,rounded faces set in a perpetual smile and comically large ears that spread out and flutter like fans when the creatures are articularly happy. Their usual loping gait sways drunkenly,designed to amuse small children, though they abandon such antics to dart and pounce gracefully in the face of perceived danger. They cannot speak human languages, but they can communicate crude concepts with a combination of hoots,growls, whistles and body language. The only overtly magical feature of these beasts is a faceted gem set in the center of their foreheads like a third eye, which glows pale yellow when the monkeys are content and baleful red if they are angered or afraid. Chillikin are true omnivores, as content to swallow unwanted vegetables slipped beneath a table as they are to crunch the bones of anyone who dares hurt their charges. They do not age and cannot become sick, but they are quite capable of dying by other means. While playful and cute enough to keep a child entertained and intelligent enough to serve as a competent babysitter, chillikin have a number of powers that makes them far more useful. First, they are highly empathic and often know what people are feeling before the people theym observe become aware of their feelings. Moreover, chillikin are capable of perceiving Essence through their third eyes, which also warn them of immediate danger. They can even commit Essence through their third eyes to create phantasmal objects and beings that materialize nearby to full solidity out of luminous golden fog. Combined with their ability to guess what people want, this power lets them create toys and virtual playmates or pets for their charges, disintegrating the constructs back into Essence foam when they are no longer wanted or needed.

Many Chillikins go insane after their charge dies. They will either not eat and die, or find a new child. They lose their ability to precive danger, and will often make dangerous objects that could hurt the child. Quite insane, they often play patron to mortal children, secretly bringing their every fantasy to life for months or even years at a stretch, until they finally realize the children are only human and punish this “treachery” with lethal bogeyman conjured out of the child’s worst nightmares. Others are less capriciously dangerous, but they are often so deluded that they cannot accept that an adopted ward has grown up. They invoke phantasms to scare away potential suitors and other friends so that the chillikin and “child” can play together forever. A very small few of these creatures have regained their sanity through years of loving attention, and these chillikin seek out individuals deemed worthy of their love and then devote themselves to these people for the rest of their lives.

The Furry Version

Chillikin look like the apes from Planet of the Ape, except their fur is a pale yellow or white. Their third eye is hidden by fur most of the time, and glows bright yellow when it is open. They can use their powers to materlise small objects for a short period. One of the more notible of them is Charlies Firned, Morgan bone's mechanice, freind and some times, accomplace.

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