Chris Flowers

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Brief Description

Chris is a man of many talents. Doctor, engineer, sorcerer and scientist, he's also handy with an axe. Unfortunately, he's not immune to DOD mind control, though despite having no real beef with the DF, he was even a member during the CW, he's now one of Samuel's minions.

Physical Description

Chris is a 38 year old human male. He has blond hair, down to his ears, blue eyes and glasses. His face is handsome, but not exceptional, and very kindly. His body is also athletic, without being overly muscular. Finally, his dress-sense is tasteful, but a little on the extravagant side. He does love his tailored suits.


Compassionate, intelligent and wise, Chris' could be really arrogant if he chose. Not that he's unduly humble. No, he knows his own worth, but no more, no less. But don't worry, he's not a complete Mary-Sue. For example, he's prone to obsessing about details and missing the forest for the trees. Also, he is quite conservative and prudish, thus has many issues with Mayhemite culture, or at least the more lurid aspects. Finally, he can't hold his drink one bit, so is teetotal, but not by choice.


As stated, Chris is a sorcerer. Or, to be precise, a Wizard. Thus, he has many spells. However, they generally come in the following categories.

  • Healing: Well duh, he's a magical doctor.
  • Item creation: Simple item with non moving parts are easier, quicker and require less upkeep. The more complex, the more those three factors increase. Also, they aren't permanent and are obviously magical constructs.
  • Artifice: Creating magical items. Requires a lot of effort.
  • Aegis: A magical forcefield that reduces all damage by a smallish amount. For example, normal fires don't hurt and small arms fire just bruises.
  • Summon Focus: An artefact forged by his own hand from Orichalcum, with axe is more than just a weapon.
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