Claire Aspen

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Name: Claire Aspen
Gender: female
Age: 24
Built: 5'6" High; 135 lbs heavy
Biometrics: Blue Eyes; blonde Hair; tanned skin.
Place of Origin: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Subject: Foreign Languages (German, French, Russian, Mandarin: Spanish and Portuguise)
Power: Photographic Memory (And a more mundane Talent for Languages)

Appearance: The not all too slim, but not yet tubby, blonde woman looks a bit younger than her 24 years of age. Her wavy Hair is usually worn open and falls down to just beneath her shoulder blades. Dresses and Simple Combinations are her clothing preferences.

Personality: Claire is naturally friendly and forgiving, she hates rude people and attemtps to allways be polite.

Details: Clair Aspen is currently working on her Dissertations. She speaks even more languages, but has no licence to teach those yet.

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