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Brief Description

Clare, not her real name, is the ghost of a Dryad. For ages she served the afterlife as a Reaper, or Psychopomp, of the recently dead. In her own way, anyway. All that changed when she was bound by Mr House's necromancy, along with her apprentice, Adam.

Physical Description

Clare is a shape-shifter thanks to her position. However, she has two forms that she prefers.

The first is that of an elven woman with red hair, worn in a couple of pig-tails, and green eyes. Her clothes can change with her, so she generally wears whatever is appropriate.

The second is her 'natural' form. Here she's a 5ft plant person, leafy hair and flower-like colour changing eyes. And again, dressed appropriately.


Without putting to fine a point on it, Clare is a manupulative bitch and a control freak, though she does have a softer side. A Jerk with a Heart of Gold, even if said heart is hard to find.

She is also a very cerebral ghost. This is due to her great age, ie, she's been dead so long that "physical" things no longer have any appeal.


As previously stated, Clare's role as a Psychopomp allows her to shapeshift, including her clothes. She also can travel between dimensions, fly, is Invisible to Normals and can "Reap" the recently deceased. The latter she needs her scythe for, which she normally keeps in Hammerspace.

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