Clarence Tibworth

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Character Name: Clarence Tibworth

Gender: male

Species: human

c-mail address: tibacctAM

Skills: small business accountancy, general clerical work, assassination (specialising in poisons and blowdarts)

Weapons: accounts book, blowdart, assassin's daggers.

Religion: the Gods of Accountancy and of Assassins*

Background: Presumably a graduate of the Guild of Accountants' school, nobody in his year would remember him well, if at all. Clarence is lacking the vivid, outgoing personality from others in his profession and it's no surprise if he hasn't left a lasting impression. Currently he acts as a freelance clerk, still useful in a city where most people would be illiterate if they lost their index fingers.

Clarence is of course a "Dark Clerk", an assassin and spy for the Patrician. Obviously he does not advertise this, although some may guess.

A scholarship boy, he lacks the upper-class bearing (or arrogance, if you prefer) usually associated with assassins. He's still pretty forgettable even when not in his clerk persona.

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