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Recent History

All over recent history, people were confused and deceived... Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), Asbestos, Nuclear Material and many more. ... deceived for the good of economy, for the good of big Business. Politicians are bribed, biased, or themself part of large corporations. Laws favor Money, and even those laws and regulations which exists are genuinely ignored... Justice does not have any money to enforce them anyways.

Since the late 70th, scientists all over the world research our Genes, our essence of Life. Corporates, Health institutes and Politicians alike claim the use of Gen-manipulation save. In the early 90th, scientists claim to have understood the principles of Genetic Engineering... Industrial scale projects to research the Economic potential are started. Around the change of Mellenium, Genetic Engineering courses on Universities all around the World suddenly have to alter their schedule, unexpected results have thrown off theories which were taken for facts. Since then Scientists are buffed over and over again by strange occurances: - Mice adapt the Genes of Genetically altered Rice into their own Genes... - Cows fed with Genetically engineered Sweetcorn turn infertile without any apparent cause. - Cell cultures show that there are two different kind of Genetic Sets. The Mono-causal Sets of Flies and Worms, and the new, Poly-causal Sets of Humans and most other higher Lifeforms... Genetics needs to be completely newly researched.

Still, the Corporalistic use of Genetics seems unstoppable: - 2003 A Storm frees hundred thousands of Genetically engineered Salmon into the Ocean. - 2004 Not a single grain or crops field in Canada is free of Genetically engineered plants. - Genetically engineered plants are intentionally released to contaminate fields and plantations which had been free before to force the Law makers to allow Genetic engineering... cause there is nothing pure left.

Scifi History

2008 - There is practically no 'Pure' food available, people however are still mostly unaware of this fact, as regulations to mark contaminated Foods are softened, scratched or Ignored. 2010 - The first "unexpected" side effects occur, Strange diseases, immune weaknesses, allergies, Increased rate of birth Complications and Infertility... Most of this unnoticed by the public, since large, reliable studies and researched cost money which are not spend on those projects. 2013 - A Study from Greenpeace and the WHO reveals an Increase of Miscarriages of 14% since 2006, An increase in defected Babies of 23% and Increased Infertility of 12%. The World is shocked, but Legal process to force the Corporations to reveal studies and invest money into countermeasures takes long years. 2015 - It is too late. Researched show that there is not enough pure Genetic Material left on Earth to revive more than one or two clean species of food plants. To add to that, the Increase of deformed babies increased dramatically, most of them do not survive long. 2017 - Those deformed children lucky enough to survive start to grow up and pose another burden onto society. Scientist research feverishly how to reverse the Damage, are however still clueless about what caused the Damage. 2020 - Society resigned. More and more babies are born with defects and deformations. At least the mortality rate dropped and most of them survive. 2025 - It looks more and more like the normal, pure human as race is dying. Some Nations are spending all their funds to revive pure genes, some to find a solution to live with the current alterations, some Nations however prepare to forcefully take the other Nations successes if necessary. the UN and NATO as we know it, deranged to unimportant, barely noticed institutions. 2030 - Puzzled confusion sweeps over the world when the UN managing-director confirm the Rumors that the Mutations and Deformations are not all of negative effect to the individuals, and that in fact... 'strange' Mutations were observed which resemble more taken out of science fiction novels. 2035 - The first Generation of Deformed starts to Mature, around every 1000th Mutation is positive, out of those, every 1000th is exceptional. Statistically spoken, there are over 1500 persons with more or less fantastic Abilities... Nations, Corporations, Terrorist Organizations and many more plan to use, control, banish or reap this abilities.

2035 is the year this RP is set. World Population dropped to 4 Billion, from that 1,5 Billion are deformed, Disabled, mutated... Societies grew Hard, hateful and desperate, Religions are on the rise, Politics more corrupt than ever, Corporates are ruthless and make their own law, reaping what is left of the decaying economy, Nations prepare for War, Terrorists blow up Corporate buildings, every meal leaves a shallow feeling, some regions are inches away from a riot, some regions aren't just because the Media was bribed to call it a minor disturbance... and you are in this mess.


Dr. Ian Maria Age/Gender/Appearance[/u]:This fourty seven year old Spanish Doctor of Philosophy and Economy is a tall, athletic person, and for a politician despite his age surprisingly attractive. Function: Managing Director of the UN, nowadays an ungrateful job, but Dr. Maria does it well and succeeded in bringing back, even thought not respect, so at least some attention to the UN.

Olanrewaju Maria Age/Gender/Appearance: Thirteen year old boy, pale, sickly looking with purely white eyes. He is dependent on complicated machines and permanent observation.

Can Twülegük A/G/O: 17/male/Arab-american Appearance: The young man with his dark tanned skin and big hooked nose looks somewhat turkish, he is average size, trained but not beefy and roughly shaved.

Jussof Blariv A/G/O: 15/Male/Hungarian Appearance: Jussof is a Large and obese person. His skin has a slight blueish green shimmer and his face, especially his cheeks are covered with a fine pattern of deeply green veins which show under the skin. His eyes are of a dirty green and his hair is dark blue… and naturally so. Jussof looks a lot more adult than he really is, and he behaves a lot more mature than one would expect…

Aerin Ludwig A/G/O: 16/Female/USA (Idaho) Appearance: Short black hair, a little bit broader than one might find perfect and brown eyes. She average size and appears totally normal otherwise.

Pamela S. Feizston A/G/O: 14/Female/London Appearance: Black, long hair which is styled upward with strong gel. She has a nose piercing, large ear rings and wears usually black T-shirts which are a number too small, revealing her also pierced belly button before the large baggy pants complete the ‘Punker’ style of first decade of the 21th century. When she speaks, one can see the thick, odd looking tongue.

Alexander Kashenko A/G/O: 38/Male/Russia Appearance: Well groomed, though somewhat confused looking slim, blackhaired man with glasses. Typecast: Secretary. Function: Head Secretary of the UN council.

Clark Smith A/G/O: 54/Male/Canada Appearance: Below average size, gray hair, very correct. Function: Major Domos of the UN Complex.

Players and Characters


UN Complex. Built 2028 on a floating, artificial Island on lake Hvítárvatn in Iceland. The Complex consist of several large Buildings, housing Administration and Conference rooms, and of course the large Hall of the Nations, the place were presidents, Kings and counsellors alike meet once in a while to talk about the fate of the World.

Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal. Only Terminal of the Keflavík International Airport and place of arrival of the group.

Common knowledge

Recent events: 2026: The year of Nuclear Terror: March 23rd: Warwick, MD is destroyed by a Nuclear Bomb of unknown construction. October 27th: Chestertown, MD follows Warwick’s fate. November 2nd: Greenville, FL is destroyed just as completely. The explosions yielded around 5MT (Megaton = 1 Million tons) of TNT.

Today these three days are National mourning days in the US and many Allied/Sympathising countries. 2028: Grant opening of the UN Complex in Iceland. 2031-now: Drug Wars. US and Allies invade Columbia to eliminate the threat of Drug Cartels...

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