Cornelia Merriweather

From Egs Mayhem

by nokvok

Character Name: Cornelia Merriweather
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Change: She was one of the the few who was awake while everyone disappeared. Moderating her Late night Radio show, she did not really notice how it happened... only when at one point noone called anymore... Franky, the guy who checked the Calls before sending them in wasn't there... bravely she continued with the show. Then she activated the tape for the rest of the night... and broke down. Painfull cramps and spasms rocked her body and She soon lost her conciousness. When she woke up again, she felt wierd... and allmost lost her mind, screaming and crying and freaking out when she saw her Legs transformed into Thin, exoskeletal Spiderlegs... but not enough with that, two more pairs of Spider legs not grew out of her Waist and Rib cage. A pointy silk gland could now be found growing from a very emberassing spot at her butt, and a her Jaw could let two madible like teeth snap forward which are dripping with a crystal clear, muddy smelling liquid. The rest of her Body remained as it was, Arms, face, chest and tummy... She now however has to bow her head forward all times, cause the arrangement of her legs force her body to stay horizontal.

Height: now 4'5"
Build: Aside from being horizontal now and featuring several strong Spider legs... her actual body is normal built, maybe a little bit to healthy for modern beuatiy ideals.
Hair: Her hair is light brown and hangs down in worn out curls
Eyes: A piercing grey.
Skin: lightly tanned, white. Getting darker and black the closer one gets to the legs and the rear end.

Clothing: She now wears some improvices clothes from jackets which she bound together with her own silk. It looks wild.

Abilities: Cornelia can cling to Walls and ceilings like a Spider, Produce Silk like a Spider (Sticky as well as non-sticky), has a Poisonous Bite like a Spider and can sense small vibrations in the ground or her webs. Her Legs also are somewhat armored and considerable strong, but she needs some time to figure out how to use that for good kicks or stuff. She can jump Twice or thrice as high as Humans, bot not make gigantic leaps or something.

Equipment: Nothing spectacular... she did not really dare to leave the Radio station yet, and is largely unaware of what exactly happened and supsects some kind of Third World war or Biological expiriement gone wrong. But her Food in the Station's cafeteria is out soon.

Back Story: Cornelia worked as Moderator of a Radio show. There is not much to say, Moderately attractive, Single (Bad luck with the men) and few friends. (Working late means much sleep in the day). She never really had big plans or goals or though much about live. Now she is an Arachnoid Freak and got four lone days of thinking. She has absolutely no clue what to do, except to somehow survive.

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