Couch of Protection

From Egs Mayhem

The Couch of Protection was created by Sage to defend several innocents from a nuclear explosion unleashed by one of ChibiMe's combat robots. It glows a pale green, and contains incredible protective magicks which make it literally impossible for anything violent from outside the couch to affect those on or under the couch. People on the couch can still harm each other, but everything from nuclear holocausts to bullets to the destruction of the universe if prevented from happening to you if it starts outside the couch and you're on the couch. It is widely believed that even Sage can't undo his own work to harm those protected by the couch.


The Couch of Protection is currently a bed, due to one of LPW's strange reality distortions. Its abilities are intact, and it enjoys its current form due to its increased ability to protect people (more people can fit on it now). Instead of bedposts, the bed is equipped with four rocket thrusters, which propel it through the heavens with a thought from ICMe, who calls the bed her home.

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