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Pony Name: Crosscomet

Gender: Female

Cutie Mark: A silver shield with a red comet streak



An earth pony with a maroon coat and a powder blue mane and tail that are bushy, but not wild. Average height but a fair bit wider than most fillies.

Friendship element: Selflessness

Grade: Freshman


Crosscomet would likely be in the yearbook for "Most Likely to Headbutt a Dragon," if there was such a poll. While she'll fiercely defend her friends and try to assist people in need, she often does so recklessly without thought to her own safety, and for that matter, whether or not they actually need the help. She's also been called a "cannonball on legs" for her tendency to sprint short distances at impressive speed but not be able to stop herself in time to run into something or someone. She was granted her cutie mark after tackling and fighting off a pair of bullies beating up a young colt for refusing to give into their demands. (As she would put it, "Being a cannonball on legs has its advantages, you know. For instance, knocking bullies right off their hooves.")

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