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  • Power Rangers(c) Saban/Disney
  • Bonus Stage(c) Couch slave
  • Zatch Bell(c) Viz and Toei
  • Kingdom Hearts 2(c) Disney/Sqeare Enix
  • Pringles(c)???
  • Dexter's Lab and DooDee (a One time Dexter's Lab Chericter)(c) Hanna-Barbarra
  • Starla, AC, the Rebirth of MST3K Project and My Apartment(c) AC
  • Xiaolin Showdown(c) Warner Bros.
  • Sonic X(c) 4kids
  • Pop-Tarts(c) Kellogg
  • Mighty Orbots(c) TMS Entertainment
  • Zord Combos(c) Anyone Who Made Them (Thanks)
  • Pooh(c) Disney
  • Animaniacs(c) The WB
  • Sonic(c) Sega
  • Ben 10(c) Cartoon Network
  • Re-Animated(c) Appleday Studios

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