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1-Up Email Contest, here.

New Owner's To Do List


  • First of all, clean up the characters page, delete characters, make pictures for characters.
  • Follow up on previous 1-Up emails, and continue from the a 130th one.
  • If I haven't already done it, please fill in the plot holes I left and/or take blame for my mistakes. (Before I get criticized on this, it's to be taken as a joke).
  • When doing emails follow the proper personality of 1-Up, unlike how I did.
  • Keep my emails up on the main page just for archival reasons.
  • Do not edit or touch the 1-Up email DVD or the emails that I have already made, unless you are fixing grammar.
  • Despite not owning this show anymore, I am remaking my 1-Up emails first season, please allow me to do this.
  • I will allow you to differ from the original emails. In fact, you can start again from scratch if you wish, as long as my emails are somehow referenced.
  • These are my wishes, please follow them, other then that, go nuts.

Mitchell's To Do List

  • Finish 1-Up Emails 129 and 130.
  • Give the winner of the contest 1-Up emails.
  • Remake Season 1 and 2 emails for the DVD release.
  • Work on 1-Up Email DVD.
  • Finish off unfinished things in the characters page and sightings section.


2008, 30th of June, 8:57 PM - Oh, boy. I have been temporarily gone, which I've been doing a lot lately and now I'm temporarily back with newfound inspiration to get back to work on the 1-Up emails and various other fan stuff.

2008, 22nd of May, 10:37 PM - It's late and I just added a bit more of Act III today, I swear, I've been working hard for that. But, it was enjoyable.

2008, 22nd of April, 5:05 PM - Holy crap! It's been like, five months since my last update! Well, I better say something. Let me assure you that the hiatus is still going, I just don't feel the need to finish off 1-Up email 129 and 130 anytime soon. It is likely I'm going to majorly delay it for another (possible) year. I'm just uninspired. But don't let this delay the new owner from moving in. Administators, if you feel I've been inactive for too long, by all means, I'm allowing you to let a new owner take this show.

2007, 12th of December, 7:21 PM - Alright, check it out. Number 13 on the longest pages list, just above Tampo's thirtieth email, "revolution". Now I'm aiming towards "longer then the longest Gunhaver email", but I'm making sure I don't lose focus on the story on the in-jokes. It's already this long, and it's just because of Act II and the first half of Act III. I'll soon be releasing the rest of Act III soon.

2007, 27th of November, 9:15 PM - Yes, more updates on the fact that I haven't released anything new yet. Hold on to your pants, people. I'm almost done with Act II and III. I also added my own "to-do" list.

2007, 25th of November, 3:38 PM - I have just started on Act III of 1-Up emails. That's right, Act III. You are probably wondering why I haven't released Act II yet. Well, I'm planning to release Act II and III together to make up for my hiatus. Also, I have just regained the email, "Death", and will be releasing it soon after some minor changes. Oh, and Strong Sader will most likely be taking this email show because the other four contestants are inactive, and will lose if they don't start on their entries soon.

2007, 28th of July, 12:16 AM- It's late at midnight, but I'm just quickly going to tell you something. However, 1-Up emails are still on hiatus. I'm making a reference to every single one of my 1-Up emails in email 130, however my memory isn't that good, so this means re-reading through all 128 of the previous 1-Up emails all over again. I've finished reading the first fifty and found a lot of plot holes. Don't worry, I'll try to tie up the loose ends in 1-Up email 130. This means another boring explanation email with fight scenes and randomness.

2007, 1st of June, 4:54 PM - I'm putting this email show on hiatus. Yes, that's right. I'm putting the email show on hiatus, about half an email before it gets canceled. Weird, eh? Anyway, point is that I don't want anybody claiming or touching this email show while I'm gone. I've lost my inspiration for making emails. Maybe because storylines have become a cliché around here. So, when I stop 1-Up emails and start the spin-off 20X6 Marzipan emails, it'll mean no more storylines, fewer updates and a whole lot of Stinkoman email and 1-Up email references. So, until the next time I update, goodbye.

2007, 30th of March, 7:34 PM - As soon as this email show is unclaimed, nobody is allowed to claim it. That means nobody, only the person who wins the 1-Up email contest is allowed to claim this. These are my wishes, as 1-Up email's previous owner, please follow them. Only the contest winner will be able to claim this show, cause' I need to know I'm putting this email show in the right hands.

2007, 25th of March, 10:04 PM - The first part of 1-Up email 130 has been released. I hope you've been waiting for it. I know I have.

2007, 23rd of March, 9:08 PM - I've fixed up the main characters page and have started on the 1-Up email contest, I'm also working hard on 1-Up email 130, and my plans for future emails, which I'm writing down and posting up. Hopefully, the new owner will take care of 1-Up better then I did. Check out this contest if you are interested in being 1-Up's new owner.

2007, 17th of March, 8:47 PM - It isn't something huge and dramatic like me leaving the Fanstuff Wiki, instead I'm abandoning 1-Up emails, and whoever wants to claim it, will have to enter this contest, which'll start soon. I promise. However in the meantime, I will be starting plans for a fresh start on a new OCE, still related to 20X6. Let's all hope 1-Up finds a new owner who will treat him and his email show as well (and possibly better) as I did.

2007, 26th of February, 9:51 PM - Okay, I just thought, despite my old computer not working, does that mean I have to put 1-Up emails on hiatus? No, I don't! More then ever before, we are back, skipping straight on to email 130. You'll get your email 129 later, but now it's contest time. Look at the top of the page, for your chance to contribute in a 1-Up email, you will not be making a whole email, just small part of it for someone else to continue. You'll be given credit for your work n' everything. I promise.

1-Up Email Content

Season 4: Chaotic Showdown

This season starts at email 151, even if the original creator of 1-Up emails did not make emails 131-150. And it starts once I let the winner of the contest take it.

Season 3: The Apocalyptic World

1-Up has lost his chosen power and there is a new evil at work. An apocalypse is caused after 1-Up accidently kills Strong Bad. 1-Up also meets five guys from 40X6 led by Master X and they help the Dark Elf and the Ungurait Pharoah. Are these guys the cause of 1-Up's adventures in the first place? We'll find out soon.

#130. Story-Time MORE COMING SOON!
#129. Death COMING 2009?!
#128. A Thousand Jaros
#127½. Another Decemberween
#127. Mafia
#126. Real World
#125. Election
#124. Master Hand
#123½. Majoresque 3: Again And Again
#123. Infection
#122. Shoe
#121. Ultimatium
#120. The End
#119½. Doomsday
#119. Rya 3
#118. Rya 2
#117. Rya
#116½. April Fools, 2006
#116. Treasure
#115½. 1-Up Email Anniversary 2006
#115. Root Beer
#114. Dan
#113. Chibilichi Commandos 7
#112½. Stinkoman K 20X6
#112. Chibilichi Commandos 6
#111. Danger
#110. Future
#109. Spoon
#108½. Trogday
#108. Chocolate
#107. Decemberween
#106. The Squid War
#105. Squids
#104. King of Town
#103. Jealousy
#102. Dimensional
#101½. Sick
#101. Dark Gaurdian Email
#100½. Stinkoman 20X6: The Movie

Season 2: Marzichan's Wand

1-Up learns about his chosen power and the wand that the Dark Elf previously owned. 1-Up chose that it was best to destroy his powers and the wand too, but the Dark Elf returns in Season 3.

#100. Project Ken
#99. Sick
#98. Digital Infection
#97. Chibilichi Commandos 5
#96. Crazy Cartoon
#95. Chibilichi Commandos 4
#94. Special Gift
#93. Chibilichi Commandos 3
#92. Threemail
#91. Butt Pudding
#90. Body
#89. Project Ben 2.5
#88. Top Secret
#87. Pudding Armor
#86½. 1-Up Email 100 Preview
#86. Life 2
#85. Deal
#84. Piano
#83. Lava
#82. Going Home 3
#85½. Nebulon's Story
#81. Extraman
#80. Going Home 2
#79½. Pudding Factory 2
#79. Space
#78. Revenge
#77. Brody
#76. Gruzzles
#75. The Lost Email
#74. Fire
#73. Life
#72. 30X2
#71. Off the Moon
#70. Spam
#69. Parents 2
#68. Chibilichi Commandos 2
#67. Funny
#66. Sticklyman
#65. Plot Hole
#64. Eat
#63. Parents
#62. New
#61. Separation
#60. Boxing Gloves 2
#59. Clone
#58. Carmen San Deigo
#57. Tampo 2
#56. Switched Minds
#55. Vampire
#54. Tampo
#53. Chibilichi Commandos
#52. Spin Kick File:TLOASFUF Icon.png
#51½. 4th of July
#51. Challenge

Season 1: Future

This season of 1-Up Emails will be remade. So if you don't like these emails, don't worry.

#50. True Master
#49. Hurt Badly
#48½. Anything
#48. If...
#47. TV Show
#46. Shooting Star
#45. Leg
#44. Comic
#43. Kidstar
#42. Shirt
#41. Seven
#40½. No Loafing's Apology
#40. Arms
#39. 5 Bucks
#38. Pudding 3
#37. President
#36. Spring Cleaning
#35. Do Over
#34. 2 E-mails
#33. The Guy
#32. Pudding 2
#31. Forcefield
#30. Trapdoor Pit
#29. In Space
#28. Smarter
#27. Going Home
#26. Trapped
#25. Boxing Gloves
#24. Marzichan's Wand
#23. Challenges
#22. Rebel
#21. Aztec Pudding?
#20. Pudding Factory
#19½. Not the 20th Email
#19. Fight
#18. Sweet Prank
#17. Marzichan
#16. I love you
#15. Pre-Acting Gigs
#14½. April Fools
#14. 1-Up
#13. Master
#12. J-Pop??
#11. Ladies
#10½. Happy Birthday, Futuramaooy 2005
#10. Video Game
#9. Theme Park
#8. Virus
#7. Non-Anime
#6. Monument
#5. Bubusuke
#4. Ship
#3. Pudding
#2. Flashback
#1. Moron's Coupon v1

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