700 to 1066

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As London grew again, we start to have some little information on the presence of vampires. Post-Roman Invictus, traders, are believed to have returned at this time, and the Lancea Sanctum was taking advantage of growing Christian beliefs to embed themselves within the city. The remnants of the Circle of the Crone were moving away. Following King Alfred's re-establishment of the walled city in 886, we even have what is believed to be the first record naming an individual kindred in London. Athelgard was a wool trader, perhaps linked to some extent with the Invictus and believed to be a Mekhet. It seems that he attempted to create some kind of legacy or instructions to his children - which strongly suggests that he sired other kindred. A half page document that came to light some 500 years later in the possession of the Lancea Sanctum (perhaps Athelgard used the services of a monk to write the record) shows his instructions to; never betray a trust or covenant, maintain secrecy but honesty in one's actions, and to live according to God's law.

It is not until the invasion of William in 1066 that we start to see some more detailed kindred history. That history, like the city itself, is strongly shaped by the reign of Edward the Confessor, however. His creation of Westminster Abbey was integral to the development of London around two significant areas - the 'City' for trade and industry, and Westminster for royal law and administration.

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