Cardinal Henry Woolmer

From London Requiem

The archly conservative head of the Lancea Sanctum in London in the first half of the 16th century. Believed to be particularly young for the role, Woolmer strongly opposed the increasing Protestant influence in England during this period.

In 1556 Woolmer's leadership saw the Lancea Sanctum in London support (and adopt) Queen Mary's persecution of non-Catholics. He was publicly insulted during a gathering in Leadenhall by the free-thinking member of the Leancea Sanctum, Sydney Watson.

Woolmer struck Watson across the face, believed to be the first breach of the Square Mile Elysium since its creation. Lord Mayor Aaron Tyndale ordered Woolmer's execution for this breach, which was carried out the same night. The Lancea Sanctum boycotted gatherings in the Square Mile for a six month period following this event, but records suggest that many of them concurred that the sanctity of Elysium meant that Woolmer's execution was warranted.

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