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London in the 15th and 16th century was a small city, and the kindred population rarely exceeded a maximum of 20 at any time. With the Lancea Sanctum and Invictus the dominant parties, it was a difficult time for any member of a new Covenant, with a different belief system, to enter the city and achieve any influence. One particular kindred, a Laszlar Piturca, is listed in some of the older boon records in the City of London as "of no true covenant". The earliest record listing his name is dated as 1532, but later recollections and writings from members of the Ordo Dracul do seem to suggest that he was of that Covenant. Little more is known about Laszlar, save that his haven was listed as Shadwell, some distance East at the time of London's central population.

While Laszlar may have been the first, and his final fate unknown, we do know that by the early 17th century there were at least two or three more kindred who claimed to espouse the ideals of the Covenant and claimed Vlad Tepes as their founder. They too based themselves to the East of the main population centre, perhaps wary of the welcome they would receive, though it is likely that they did attend Elysium in the square mile. A fragment of the remaining writings of Andrew Owenden do speak of "misguided souls, seeming obsessed to overcome that which God has cursed us with." The Lancea Sanctum was, however, somewhat more directed towards its internal politics at this time, and beyond disapproval they do not appear to have taken any action against the new Covenant. This allowed the small group to permanently install itself to the east of the City. The first record of their Covenant being accepted by name comes later, in 1626, and the appointment of Claudiu Stanescu as a herald of the Mayor.

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