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A wiki-game of Nomic
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The population of Nomicapolis is
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Game News:

The following proposals are being voted on:

  • 396, revising Canton Leader selection process.

The following proposals are currently up for debate:

New rules:

  • 393, to transmute 103
  • 395, to transmute 112
  • 392, Canton industry (BobTHJ +10pts, +15pop, Wooble +15 pop, tucana25 +15pop)
  • 391, to transmute 388 (Wooble +10pts,+15 pop; Tucana25 +15pop; BobTHJ +15pop)
  • 390, immigration (BobTHJ +10pts, +15pop, Wooble +15pop, tucana25 +15pop)
  • 389, casualties of war (Wooble +10pts,+15 pop; Tucana25 +15pop; BobTHJ +15pop)
  • 387, repealed 328, 363 (Tucana25 +10pts, +15pop; BobTHJ +15pop; Wooble +15pop)
  • 386, to allow for Dynasties and War (Tucana25 +5pts; BobTHJ, Wooble +15pop)
  • 385, to amend Rule 321, describing the position of judge (Tucana25 +10pts, +15pop; BobTHJ +15pop; Wooble +15pop)
  • 384, to create semi-random numbers (BobTHJ +10pts, +15pop; Tucana25 +15pop; Wooble +15pop)
  • 383, repealed 377 (Wooble +10pts,+15 pop; Tucana25 +15pop; BobTHJ +15pop)
  • 382, to assign Canton Residency to players (BobTHJ +10pts, +15pop; Tucana25 +15pop; Wooble +15pop)
  • 381, to amend rule 376 (canton ranking) (BobTHJ +10pts, +15pop; Tucana25 +15pop; Wooble +5pts,-10pop)

The following proposals failed:


  • Wooble is now the scorekeeper.

May Judge

  • Tucana25 is now the Judge.

May Canton Leaders

  • North - BobTHJ
  • South - vacant
  • East - vacant
  • West - Wooble
  • Center - Tucana25


Popularity is now in effect following Rule 360 going into effect. The first rule this applies to is Rule 363. --Tucana25 16:30, 9 January 2007 (EST)

Please read "Recent troubles" on my user page. Applejuicefool 03:05, 29 December 2006 (EST)

I added the page Game-direction to the sidepanel right below the Main Page link as it seems to be our little meeting ground. --Simulacrum 02:46, 18 November 2006 (EST)

I made a logo. It should be appearing in the upper left-hand side right now. If anybody makes a better one, upload it.

Discussion and comments regarding the use of certain Rules and proposals header boxes are welcome on the talk page. --Simulacrum 01:12, 15 November 2006 (EST)

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