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Real Name: Melissa Diaz

Current photo of Leo at Warped Tour with two members of Chiodos.

Time with SOTF: A year, give or take, considering an prolonged absence from the site.

V1 Characters: Umi Martin, Kichiro Taka, Venka Rapler, Marie Zaid, Cillian Crowe, Cleo Barston

V2 Characters: Mai Oshinari, Deliah Dollop, Jenna Cassidy

V3 Concepts: Braden Marsh, Flora Salvai-Ortiz, Melissa Diaz, Ofelia Ortiz,

Random Facts:

  • Favorite color is Green.
  • Had the former handler aliases Ebonydear and Lien
  • Has a distinct phobia of having her clothes get wet.
  • Is half Puerto Rican and half White.
  • Spends a lot of time reading Comic books.
  • Has the worst addiction and reaction with caffiene.
  • Believes a problem with another person can be easily solved by killing said person.
  • Is very sarcastic.


Leo is the youngest administrator on the SOTF staff as of now, but maintains a maturity equal of her staff peers. The most blunt to date in chats as well as in board conduct, she'll be the first to tell you if you're screwing up (but, if you ask real nice, she'll help you fix it). Another cool fact is that she can read minds! No, really, she knows what you're going to ask. And no, she will not go approve your character right then and there, and she does not want to let you kill her character. Life will go on.

She currently controls three characters on the island, and a terrorist for the V2 plotline.

Hailing from Southern California, Leo has a partiality for the sun, the beach, and comic books (she attends Comic-con every summer). She's also in love with music, but be forewarned you may be up well into the night if you ask her to name bands. Her problems with authority translate into hating high school, and she has since tested out and attends the community college in her area.

Leo currently works two jobs, one at a video game store and the other at a movie theater. These are her 6th and 7th jobs within the year. In the hopes to move to Japan and become a teacher, Leo is working on her general education to become an ESL instructor. She is fluent in writing Hiragana, but is still trying to grasp katakana and kanjii. No, she doesn't know any clever insults in Japanese.

For more rants and her blunt honesty, just ask her what she thinks about bi chicks and their deemed homophobia.

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