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Real Name: Zilya Faust

I'm hidden in there somewhere. :D

Time with SOTF: Since June 28, 2005

Internet Aliases: Riserugu, though plans to perhaps change with to something else as everyone usually just calls her Z anyway.

V1 Characters: Hawley Faust, Edward Rommel, Blaine Eno, Glenn Hughes, Fredrik Hughes, Martyn Ferdinand, Lucinda Garnett

V2 Characters: Edgar Judah, Sofie de Wilde, Greggory Archer, Elias McConnell

V3 Characters: Zhilan Cheung, Ianto Murphy, Tegan Bianco

Random Facts:

  • Born in Russia
  • Currently lives in St. Andrews, Scotland, UK
  • Lives with twin sons, husband, and brother-in-law
  • Has a very strong distaste for hot weather
  • Loves old romance movies, and Eric Clapton
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