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Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest, or SOTF, is a Battle Royale based roleplaying site. Unlike most, if not all, the other Battle Royale roleplays out there, SOTF has its own original storyline. Instead of playing a Japanese class thrown into the BR ACT, you get to play as a member of an American class thrown into the SOTF ACT, run by a mysterious figure known as Danya.

The first version of SOTF is all but over. The second version, dubbed 'V2', began when the maps were released on 30 October 2006, and the formal ending for version 1 is expected to arrive sometime before the end of the year. Applications are still being taken for characters that will participate in V2, with a special section the forums for role-playing the characters' pasts prior to their arrival on the island. This section was previously dubbed 'pre-game' as it had also served as a prelude to V2 itself.

In late September 2006, the board was moved to a new site due to inactivity on the part of the administration. As such, the link to the site below has been updated.


  • Survival of the Fittest - The site that the SOTFwiki is all about.
  • Storyline - The Survival of the Fittest storyline.
  • SOTF ACT - Explanation on the ACT.
  • Danya - The man behind the ACT.
  • Terrorists - The men and women working for the man behind the ACT, including the three fighting in the ACT from v1.
  • Handlers - The owners of the characters fighting in the SOTF. You can also find the staff here. (Note: This section, aswell, will be incomplete for the longest of times.)
  • The Dice - What you need to know about SOTF's dice rolling system.
  • Facts and Statistics - A page full of random trivia and stats concerning Survival of the Fittest.
  • Goofs - Based off of IMDB.coms pages of the same name, a list of all the errors made in SOTF.

Version 2

  • Locations - Brand new island, and lots of brand new locations!
  • Students - Indulge in the diversity of the new student roster, even if there aren't any international schools this time around.
  • Death Order - The list of dead and soon-to-be-dead in a handy numerical order.

Version 1

  • Locations - Areas on the island that the students shall be risking in.
  • Students - The various students fighting for their lives. (Note: This section will be ridiculously incomplete for a while. Please mind any of the mess!)
  • Death Order - The order in which the students died, and who they were killed by, also a tally as to who's left.
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