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Brick Collision Detection Glitch

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Brick Collision Detection Glitch
Requirements - TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
- Brick unlocked
Finder Koopa64

This glitch is also known as the BCT Glitch or Brick CT Glitch.

In TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, there is a glitch in the Brick's collision detection code. What happens is that sometimes when you hit an opponent with a Brick, the Brick will shove itself into the opponent's body a bit and the Brick will rapidly and continuously hit the opponent with a steady amount of power, usually killing him almost instantly. The Brick will continuously hit the opponent even after the the opponent has died but will cease when the opponent's dead body is no longer an interactive object (when the body disappears).

By using this glitch, it is possible to get exactly %100 accuracy with just the Brick. How this works is because each and every time the Brick hits the opponent using the Brick CT glitch, it counts towards your total accuracy, compared to the few misses you make with the Brick. Because of this glitch, the game will boost up your accuracy, effectively giving you an easy chance to get %100 accuracy.

Effective places to cause the Brick CT glitch is by hitting the opponent in either the head or torso. Keep in mind that this glitch will not always work, but it happens pretty often in an all Brick match (setting the Brick to all 6 weapon slots).

Also something which needs mentioning, the Brick's collision detection code is rather flaky, sometimes the Brick can just bounce off the opponent and only cause minor damage. Other times the Brick CT glitch can occur which can instantly kill the opponent.

On a side note, an interesting trick you can do with the Brick is while holding down the Fire button, let go of the fire button and just after you throw it, tap the fire button one or two times to increase your chances of killing an opponent with little effort. The result is that the extra Bricks flying behind the first, more powerful one, will effectivly kill the opponent if the first Brick does not do the job.

NOTE: This glitch, unlike others, works with human players. The physics of the Brick apply the same to humans as they do to bots.

NOTE: This glitch has only been tested with the Xbox version of TS:FP, further testing on the PS2 and Game Cube would be appreciated.

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