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Clan Page FAQ

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Below is a list of items you should know about the Clan Pages.


What are the restrictions?

Only 1 page per clan. That and the standard rules of this wiki, which include no swearing, spamming etc. (a bit like a forum). Every clan must also include a Clan Infobox on their page.

How do I make a Clan Infobox

Copy the below code, and paste it at the top of your clan's page. Then simply fill in the fields.

{{Infobox Clan|
  name           = Your Clan's Full Name|
  motto          = "Your motto", if none type: None|
  logo           = A URL to your clan's logo, it mustn't be bigger than 250x200|
  founded        = The date your clan started|
  founder        = Your clan leader(s)/founder(s)|
  region         = The country or continent you operate in, you can also put: Multiple or All|
  language       = Your clan's language.|
  recruiting     = Yes or No|
  platform       = The console(s) you play on with the clan|
  rank           = SEE BELOW|
  site           = a URL to your site or forum|
  affiliations   = If you have any partnerships or affiliations, say here.|

What goes in the Rank field

Your rank on the clan server, or on a clan battle site like GameBattles. You can use one of the following 3 examples:

  • Not Ranked (If you don't use ranks)
  • 5th (If you use the clan server)
  • 3rd on GameBattles.com (If you use a website, you must say which)

Remember to update your ranks!

Somebody's changed my page!

Clan Pages are not protected, if they were even you wouldn't be able to edit them! To revert a page back, click History at the top, then click on the date that shows the last genuine page. Click edit, highlight all the text (Ctrl + A) then copy it and go back to the main page. Browse to your clan page again, click edit and paste the old text over the current text. This will restore it.

Can you Protect my page?

If you want your page protected, you can contact an admin and they will protect your page for you. If you need to edit it in the future however, you will need one to unlock it for you (or change it themselves if it is a minor edit).

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