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Flame Tag Glitch

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Flame Tag Glitch
Requirements Flame Tag
Finder Nevar00
In the Flame Tag game mode in TimeSplitters 2, there is a glitch that sometimes, if you kill an Al Bots, it will not come back to life. This is usually followed by three scenarios. Either:

1. The person will still be able to be caught on fire and will need the fire transferred from them to a character still playing.

2. The person will die while on fire and will stay on fire and the fire can not be transferred.

3. The person will die not on fire and will not be able to be caught on fire.

This glitch is most likely the reason that flame tag did not appear in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, as it the only game mode to appear in TimeSplitters 2 and not in TimeSplitters: Future Perfect.

There is also a glitch to have more than one person be it.

  • Select to edit/make a new Mapmaker level.
  • Now go to preview in the menu, select Flame Tag.
  • Normally flamethrowers will not be allowed in flame tag, but in the preview the flamethrowers are allowed, if you get someone on fire, they will become another person who is "it" (NOTE: Do not try this with robots in the AI set, as they can not be tagged when exploiting this glitch).
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