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Flare Gun

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The flare gun is a very powerful weapon in the hands of a skillfull player, despite its normal use of being a signaler. For those less practaced, it is ill advised unless used as a last ditch effort. The flare gun has a very high damage ability, similar to that of a rocket, (and can kill the player too at close range) but are only one shot per clip and a long reload time, and the maximum ammo that you can carry is limited to 10 aditional shots. The flares are inaccurate, as the projectile travels in a spiral, and move slowly enough to be dodged at any range. However a direct hit is usualy enough to kill a player outright. Occasionaly they set a player's corpse on fire too. If you fire at a spawning player, the temporary invincibility will prevent him from dying, but it will set him on fire.

As with all weapons with the ability, two is better then one, as you can fire the other as the first is reloading.

Despite what the ammo says, firing a flare takes one off both sides of the ammo. So, if it says ten flares on each gun, you get ten in total.

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