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Foot Menus

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Foot Menus are boxes at the bottom of an article that links to similar articles. Robots, for example have Foot Menus at the bottom of their page to link to other Robot articles.

Step 1 Choose a Foot Menu from here, if there is no menu that suits your article then you do not need one. If you think there should be one for your type of article, see the Feedback Page.

Step 2 Once you have the name of your Foot Menu, take out the "Template:" from it's name. For example, "Template:Robots" becomes "Robots". Now put template brackets around this word; this makes:


Step 3 Put this code at the bottom of your article, but above the article's categories. An example:

Blah dee blah blah, R110 is teh leet! Article end!

[[Category:Characters - Normal]]
[[Category:Characters - Robot]]
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