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Monkey Immolation

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Monkey Immolation
Game TS2
League Amateur League
Section Too Hot to Handle
Mode Virus
Map Mexican Mission
Character Venus Starr
Enemies Encountered Monkey x4
Rewards Silver: Flame Tag
Gold: Crispin
Medal Requirements Bronze: 30 secs
Silver: 1 min 30 secs
Gold: 2 mins

This match is the first in the Too Hot to Handle Series, it also introduces Virus.


Those pesky pyromaniac primates have been juggling burning torches, with disastrous results! The game ends when everyone is set on fire... So avoid those frantic furry flamers!


To rack up enough time to get a Gold, start in the Courtyard, ground level and grab the Speed Pick-up. Run through the Mission, avoiding any burning monkeys to the back of the mission where the stairs leading up to the second floor of the mission and another Speed Pick-up can be found. Go up the stairs, past the open ceiling in the centre of the mission to where the bell is. Next, grab the armour and carefully go left, over to where a Cloak Pick-up can be found. Now, wait for the inferno monkeys to get close before you jump off. Then, run around the courtyard so the monkeys aren't blocking the main entrance of the mission. Now, repeat all of these steps to ensure a good time.


Full Article: Monkey Immolation Glitch

There's a glitch in this match that prevents the monkeys from getting you at a particular spot. Usually, when you climb up the only hut in the courtyard with a ladder behind it, the monkeys get stuck at the bottom and can't get up, making for an easy victory.

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