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Plainly Off His Rocker

From The TimeSplitters Wiki

Plainly Off His Rocker
Section Miscellaneous Challenges
Map Scotland the Brave - Machine Gun Emplacement
Character Captain Ash
Enemies Encountered Biplanes - 25 points, UFO - 100
Rewards Bronze: Pulov Yuran
Medal Requirements Bronze: 100 points
Silver: 150 points
Gold: 200 points
Platinum: 300

Plainly Off His Rocker is a TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Challenge. It has you manning a gun emplacement and shooting down ememy planes (And a UFO) swarming overhead.


Capt Ash has taken over the machine gun nest and gotten all nostalgic about the war. Such happy days! He's also gotten all indiscriminate with his firing so anything in the air is fair game. Oh well, dash it all, let's just see how many of the bally plane things he can shoot down.


Man the gun and keep an eye on your minimap for incoming aircraft. When a plane comes in range fire away, it helps to fire slightly in front of the plane too. When you hear the whirring of the UFO, keep an eye out for it, as it is worth a good deal of points, however it is smaller and faster than the planes so only try to shoot it when it flys close by, at around 10 seconds remaining.

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