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Someone Has Got to Pay

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Someone Has Got to Pay
Game TS2
League Honorary League
Section Outnumbered But Never Outpunned!
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Hospital
Character Big Tony
Enemies Encountered Duckman Drake x6
Rewards Silver: Duckman Drake
Gold: Capt. Night
Medal Requirements 40 kills Bronze
50 kills Silver
60 kills Gold

Someone Has Got to Pay is the first mission in the TimeSplitters 2 arcade league challenge section Outnumbered But Never Outpunned!


This is a medium difficulty mission. It's everyone on you, and the only weapons are the Shotgun and Shotgun X2. Get the double shotgun (there's one on one of the balcony), and either wait on that balcony, go to the skinny one that would have the Max Damage Powerup, or go into the room inside the room with the showers with the Shrink Powerup, and just wait for the Al Bots to come in. Make sure you also pick up the ammo.

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