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Template:Sticky - Custom

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{{{1}}} {{{2}}}

This is a custom sticky for alternative stickies that are not already made. You must specify the colours used and the content of the box like so:



Use the code:

{{Sticky - Custom|3 Character Symbol|Sticky Content|Colour of Left part|Main sticky colour}}

Standard Example


Using a picture

You can also use a picture instead of the 3 characters in the left part of the sticky. The image should be no larger than 30x30 pixels. We recommend you save the image as a PNG file or GIF file, these formats are small in size and you can make them transparent aswell.

To put a picture in your custom sticky, simplay paste the URL of the image into the part where you'd normally put the 3 character symbol, like so:

{{Template:Sticky - Custom|URL of Image|Sticky Content|Colour of Left part|Main sticky colour}}


If you still can't figure out how to use the custom sticky, feel free to ask an Admin.

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