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TimeSplitters3.net or commonly known as ts3.net was the largest dedicated TimeSplitters forum up untill it's downfall in early 2005. Most of the forum was devoted to discussing Future Perfect, but there were other section for the previous games.


FRD Staff

Unknown to the members and staff, one of the members (RealWorld666) was actually a FRD programmer (David Conley). None of the members noticed that RealWorld was always the first one to post new TSFP news. Near the end of ts3.net, he revealed himself and left.


A few weeks before the release of TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, the admins had banned a long-time poster. The news of the poster, who shall remain anonymous, spread and soon there was a riot on the boards with a thread demanding him to be unbanned. Some forum members even had a signature that said "Bring back ____!"

The forums were closed by the admins, who after a short hiatus did not reopen them.


Many of the original members migrated to one of the Moderator's forums, www.basementgfx.com . It is primarily a chat and graphics forums but does include a TimeSplitters section and still does include many of the original members of ts3.net

A "sequel" forum (dubbed ts4.net) has been made.

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