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I'm an big Timesplitters fan, and I want to help make this website even better. My fave TS is 2, because it has wonderful gameplay, but is longer and more fun than the mainstream aimed Future Perfect. My favourite character is R110 My best moments are: 1)Completing Siberia on hard 2) Getting Platinum on Handyman level

TS1: All challenges complete apart from that irritating 9c, All easy story complete, All med story complete apart from Mansion and I can't remember how much hard I've completed.

TS2: All easy and med story complete, but only Siberia on hard. All League complete with Gold And Platinum, but I'm currently trying to get ALL arcade platinums which is so irritating. (Though I have managed platinum on the dreaded Handyman level, which makes me proud) All challenges complete with Silver or better apart from Damn Busters which is Satan's own monkey minigame.

TSFP: Completed everything on story, all arcade league with gold and platinum, and all challenges with silver or better.

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