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User talk:Quackinator

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Post Info ILHI 12:50, 9 January 2008
Content Hey, would you by any chance know of I Lion Heart I or Weebls-Stuff? Your name is familiar to me.
Post Info Quackinator 16:35, 12 January 2008
Content Yeah, I'm Quackinator from Weebls Stuff forums. I still can't really use wiki editing very well, so all my entries are just plain typing with no formatting or text boxes. But I would like to learn how to do all the boxes an stuff.
Post Info ILHI 05:22, 13 January 2008 (EST)
Content The Infoboxes page tells you all you need to know. (I think) Just copy the infobox and edit with whatever.
Post Info Quackinator 16:35, 14 January 2008
Content Cheers. Hopefully one day if I do lots of stuff, I can become a mod or something
Post Info Drifting 16:56, 13 January 2008 (EST)
Content Just a little tip for Arcade League infoboxes - whenever you are listing enemies, allies, or medal requirements, use a line break to put each name on a new line. The code for a line break is <br>. This helps the infobox to look neat, and it's the formatting used on the Arcade League and Challenge pages. If you need an example, look at the code for a completed Arcade League page. Thanks.
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