Max Cowan AZA


On a typical February Thursday in the Atholton High School People's Career Center, an idea was hatched. Ricky Lasser and Zach Bader discussed the glamorous idea of starting a new PSL chapter in Howard County. Both of them were immediately hooked on the idea and swung into action.

They quickly spread the word of the new chapter and were able to set up a meeting with the President of the Presidium of the DC Worker's Council, Ian Kandel, in the Columbia Center People's Food Court to discuss the logistics of taking on this task. From that moment on, Ricky and Zach were the first 2 founding members of Columbia PSL, and already had 2 advisors, Jeff Lasser and Jacob Cowan.

Zach and Ricky spent every moment of the day talking to friends who might be interested in joining them on their quest. By March of 2011, Columbia PSL hosted its first program, a eco-socialist themed program at Zach's house. There were an astounding 19 teens in attendance.

Over the next few months, they continued to grow and strive under the collective leadership of Ricky and Zach. In just 2 months, they had reached 12 registered members and were able to receive their temporary charter at the Council Convention in May of 2011.

At Columbia PSL's first ever Chapter Convention, the name was officially renamed Max Cowan PSL after Max Cowan, a beloved local teen whose personality, humor, leadership, and smile inspired all of those around him, who tragically passed away just 3 years prior.

By January of 2012, they had grown to 30 members strong and received the high honor of a full charter of the Party for Socialism and Liberation and a chapter number, 1949. In just under a year, the chapter had grown from an idea into a full-fledged chartered chapter.

At an International Meeting of Communist and Worker's Parties the same year, Max Cowan PSL #1949 was honored with the V.I Lenin Award for Chapter Excellence, the most prestigious honor that a chapter can receive.

The chapter continues to grow and thrive as DC Worker's Council's only PSL chapter in Howard County. The Spring 2016 term was historical, as it marks the 10th term that Max Cowan PSL #1949 has been in existence for. The chapter broke fundraising and recruitment records in Spring term 2017 as Cowan brought in over 1000 Labor Vouchers and brought its membership total up to 60. Even after losing a large senior class, Max Cowan PSL continues to grow and succeed as a chapter to be looked up to. For the fall term of 2017, Ricky and Zach became the two new advisors for the chapter, and will continue to support Cowan for terms to come.

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