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Before you get started with creating your own wiki here, you might want to take a look at what we provide:

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  • A truly independent wiki (in most wiki farms they just create a page for you on their wiki)
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited pages
  • Hourly backups
  • Wiki-spam-guard (Wikis have been major targets of SEO's recently)
  • Daily offsite backup transfers (stored on the other side of the US)
  • Ultra-fast wiki creation (just fill in one field)
  • For every url you have link to your wiki, you get 5 MB of storage (up to 25MB). To add to your quota, go to the Link Quota Page
  • Admin privs
  • Editor with '''simple''' ''markup''. It works in all browsers, and is less buggy than other editors.
  • Ease of use - you are ready to go immediately with the same system used for Wikipedia, the largest wiki on the internet.
  • Discussion Forums - Each page has a discussion section that anyone can contribute to.
  • RSS Feeds - Keep up to date with all changes on the wiki. Both atom and rss feeds are available in the "Recent Changes" sidebar item
  • Media (image, pdf, arbitrary files) upload
  • automatic resizing of uploaded pictures, creating/displaying thumbnails of uploaded pictures.

Other unique features

  • Full rights restrictions (control who can view, edit, and create accounts on your system). (see the ControlPanel in your toolbox)
  • CSS and Javascript manipulation. (Check out Best Designed to see users that use this feature.)
  • HTML support. Just use the <plain_html></plain_html> tags to insert html code into a page. This allows you to put flash and other elements into your pages. (Page must be protected to use this)

Not (Yet?) Supported

<math>\\sqrt{2} \\frac{f(x)}{g'(x)} \\mathcal{A}</math>
Failed to parse (Can't write to or create math temp directory): \\sqrt{2} \\frac{f(x)}{g'(x)} \\mathcal{A}

taken from Feedback

Known issues being worked on

  • MediaWiki needs upgrade (to 1.13 possibly)!
  • More extensions (new CheckUser, Oversight, user creation log...)
  • make image_logo_url by default protected
  • google maps not nearly working (but code formatting restrictions apply)
  • google map tag <googlemap ....> not working
  • Special diacritical marks under editbox
  • Formula editing for m and math tags
  • Add e-mail functions (Special:Emailuser)
  • Offer upgrades on disk space/noads
  • Email watchlists and feed reading doesn't work
  • Allow user backup (html/mysql)
  • Add info to control panel about domains->editthis
  • Provide TeX support


  • issue with upload system - permission error
  • Bring back active/popular wiki list
  • Unable to resize image - Image_resize_test
  • Add top wikis of day, week, month
  • add */index.php/* to mod_rewrite to correct for old urls

Previous fixes

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