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Welcome to our Help Desk
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Hi, please come back to this help desk later. I am still setting it up and making sure all of the important articles are here. Thanks. mr-cool

Important Articles

I am going to put here a list of all the important articles in this wiki. Then all users will be able to find the most important articles quickly without much hassle.

Contact Us

You can contact any member of the B-Cool team through the methods below.

New Articles

This will be a list of all the new articles which have been considered to be of high quality so that people can get the answers they are looking for easily.

Friends of B-Cool

I am going to put a list of all the people who are not members but put in a lot of effort to make our systems work. They spend a lot of time and money creating systems for us to use and benefit from. So thank you to everyone out there who has been so generous and helpful.

Things that need to be done

  • Finish this page, adding important articles, new articles, and friends of B-Cool.
  • To increase the amount of space you have for uploads, add links to from external sites, and go to the Link Quota Page to increase your uploads quota.
  • Alter the wiki description on WikiIndex:
  • Read the User's Guide for other usage and configuration help.
  • Add a message to the Feedback Page if you see anything that could be improved.
  • Add the help articles to the wiki.
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