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Hallo everyone! This is your friendly curator Captain McCannon popping in to point out some delightful new advances in the world of steam.

Comic Con 2011 is coming up in July, in San Diego - plenty of Brass Goggles folk are going to be there, so head over to the thread and drop your name down.

Steam Com 2010Still coming up in mid-November 2010!

2012 Steampunk World's Fair Coming up in May 2012!

Brass Goggles

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-If yopu are out of ideas for new pages to create, or just feel like being helpfull, check out the requests page to see what needs writing.

[edit] News

-requests page added

-Play WoW? Check out Brass Goggles on World of Warcraft.

-It would be appreciated if you directed yourself to the Geographical Section of BrassGoggles and placed a marker beacon on your position on the Frappr Map. You can then find Steampunks near to you more easily and we can get a better sense of the diverse community that Brassgoggles is. Many Thanks!

-Things to do: Create categories for the main sections below, and file the appropriate pages into them.

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