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A woman smack in the middle of Missouri with enough story ideas for two lifetimes and a deft hand with a needle. Dresses up in steampunk finery every Thursday and goes out roller skating. Is almost never seen without a parasol in the summer and a hat in the winter. Has won awards for costuming in the past and hopes to continue to do so. Is never without a book to read or a story to wright. Total scatterbrained mad scientist/blender/hording magpie. Takes the same approach to almost everything, the lets mash these two ideas tougher and see what happens approach. My lab sometimes explodes, experiments tend to mutate on me when I least expect it, I have made wonderful things with no idea of what they are for and have had the odd airship turn in to a sub half way through. But it is all for Science and that is what counts right? Is currently working on a dog potato hybrid.

[edit] Persona

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