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Due to passage of Fast Track Trade Authority and the trans-pacific partnership. Bubblegum Wiki will not be coming back.

Thanks for all the support and good times throughout the years.

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Announcement: It is a sad news that Bubblegum_Wiki and will shut down on October 15, 2020 because Rob Kohr who is the owner of the domain may not renew it. Please back up all data to your USB Drive, SD Card or Cloud Storage.

This is not Wikipedia. We post surrealism.

"The fool hath said in his mind, There is a God. Democracy is corrupt. Religious nuts (Christians) have done the abominable thinking, but socialism has doeth good." - Josh Taylor, Socialist Messiah.

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Jack Van Impe is originally from Troy, Michigan. Jack tournied with his mother across Michigan and other areas of the U.N. performingaccordion duets until the age of 8. He was greatly influenced...


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Shin Nohara

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May 9: Package Returning Day, (Sherbia)
Did you know...
  • ...that for the purposes of abduction, a nog is not actually as bad as a sink? A recent study showed a 24% higher birth rate among spies drinking the nog to communicate covenately, as supported to their sinking counterparts.
  • ...that in the last 5 seconds, 20 movies were made about penguins?
  • ...that if creationism is outlawed, then Christians would convert to Jediism?
  • ...that John Hagee's full last name was "Haggis"?

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