BCW End Era 2009

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BCW End Era 2009
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling
Date December 14 - 17, 2009
Venue Variuos Locations
Location Alberta, Canada
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BCW End Era
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BCW End Era chronology
BCW End Era
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EAW/BCW End Era is a backyard wrestling monthly show/event produced under BCW or Backstream Championship Wrestling. This show was the fifth show of the series. This show is the end year send off. BCW then goes on a break until mid January for time off.


The event was set over afour days with 4 different locations, RCW, OCW and BCW were selected and 30 official backyard wrestling matches were on the card. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling. The supershow featured wrestlers from all 4 feds.


Day Results Stipulations Times
1 Garbage defeated Meath Singles Match 14:25
1 El Xero (c) defeated Danger Dave Champion vs Champion Match for the RCW Television Championship 19:02
1 Oil City Machine Guns (Commander D and King) (c) defeated 3 Count Mafia (Eric Hinz and James Starr) Tag Team Match for the BCW Tag Team Championship 26:58
1 Alex Austin defeated Johnny Smith Non Title Match 21:23
1 Helio defeated Erich Panzer Singles Match for the RCW World Championship 25:39
2 Xavier defeated Samurai X Singles Match 9:45
2 Total Destruction defeated Triple J, Brandon Roberts, El Xero, Adam Young and Dustin T. Six Man Scramble Match for the BCW Cruiserweight Championship 27:52
2 John Varkin defeated Psycho X Singles Match 17:37
2 Danger Dave (c) defeated Xander, James Starr and Fusion Fatal 4 Way Match for the BCW Hardcore Championship 26:12
2 Killer K (c) defeated Pure Energy Singles Match for the OCW North American Championship 21:02
2 Commander D (c) defeated SafeCracker, Johnny Smith and Alex Matthews 4 Way Elimination Match for the XZW United Heavyweight Championship 29:11
2 Eric Hinz defeated Molson (c) and Jeff Matthews Triple Threat Match for the OCW World Championship 28:13
3 Kai and Lan defeated Jeff and Alex Matthews Tag Team Match 18:11
3 King defeated StingRay Singles Match 20:59
3 SafeCracker defeated Zakk Carolina and Shawnchenko Triple Threat Match 21:52
3 Danger Dave defeated Kamikaze Champion vs Champion Match 19:31
3 Erich Panzer defeated Triple X Singles Match 18:23
3 Ear-Wax defeated Johnny Smith and David White Three Way Dance 26:12
3 Ace defeated Total Destruction Singles Match for the BCW Cruiserweight Championship 30:42
3 Commander D defeated Eric Hinz, Helio, NightFall and Alex Austin Five Way Champions Match 31:38
3 Crusher defeated Scotty Mac Canadian Deathmatch 34:26
4 Dustin T. defeated CJ Youkai Singles Match 12:21
4 Scotty Mac defeated NightFall (c) Singles Match for the PWA Championship 18:11
4 Crusher defeated Scotty Mac (c) Singles Match for the PWA Championship 1:01
4 Fat Joe, Zakk and David White defeated SafeCracker, Triple J and Bossman Six Man Tag Team Match 14:46
4 Ace (c) defeated FireStorm V1 Singles Match for the BCW Cruiserweight Championship 23:45
4 Helio defeated El Xero, Danjuro and Johnny Kayno 4 Way Match for the RCW World Championship 28:29
4 Jeff Matthews defeated Killer K and Triple X Triple Threat Match 23:47
4 StingRay, Blaze, Kai and Lan defeated K-Stevens, Ryan Wilson, Kyser and Koncur Eight Man Tag Team Match 20:19
4 Commander D (c) defeated Alex Matthews Singles Match for the XZW United Heavyweight Championship 27:36
4 Alex Austin (c) defeated Erich Panzer 2 out of 3 falls Match for the BCW World Championship 31:58


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