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[edit] Australian Cities

Melbourne, Victoria First Kindred Court originally established by Ijon Hall, Invictus. Over the past 150 years the City has been the focus of a tug-of-war between Invictus and Carthian interests. Currently undergoing a shift from Carthian ascendancy to Invictus, after 20 years. This is primarily due to the recent murder of Carthian Prince Victor Haussman.

[edit] Canadian Cities

  • Vancouver, BC Founded by an Elder Carthian, it is still dominated by the Carthians and run on a Carthian model vaguely reminicent of a communist system.
  • Montreal, Quebec Montreal used to be run by the Lancea Sanctum and the Invictus, but a revolution changed all that. Carthians and witches of the Circle of the Crone allied and overthrew the oppressive rulers in Montreal, establishing one of the first Carthian-ruled city on this side of the Atlantic.

[edit] Japanese Cities

Hachinohe, Tohoku-kita - Currently under Invictus rule. Carthians have a habit of disappearing and not coming back.
Akita, Tohoku-minami - Currently under Invictus rule. No known Carthian presence.
Tokyo - pending
Okinawa, Ryukyu islands - pending

[edit] United Kingdom Cities

Eboracum The Carthian Movement has a strong prescence in this city, though they are unconventional in the sense that they do not consider themselved to be a Carthian city, simply a city with a high number of members of the Movement. It is ruled by the Senate who are bound by Civitas to act in the best interestes of the City.

[edit] Republic of Ireland Cities

[edit] United States Cities

[edit] Connecticut

Hartford - Currently under almost entirely Carthian rule, Court led by Prince Romeo Brazzini.

[edit] Florida

Sarasota - A republic with elected representatives, though the head of the government is an Invictus, a fairly safe and liberal city.

[edit] Georgia

Atlanta - Formerly the Carthian stronghold in the southeast, Currently unknown, due to a Praxis seizure by a council, Made up of Satish (A Crone), Zovia-Catalina Moxley (An Invictus) and Ethan Candler (A Lancea Sanctum). The Carthians were not offered a voice on the council.
Rome - Oppressive to Carthians. Most Kindred only know that the Invictus Governor (prince) has ruled Rome as firmly as his sire before him, allowing Carthians in residence but openly tolerating few who are not related to him.

[edit] Illinois

Chicago - Hostile to Carthians. A large number of Carthians have been killed in this city. Currently ruled by an Invictus Prince.
DeKalb - Friendly to Carthians. The Movement has a strong presence in this city.

[edit] Oklahoma

Stillwater - Carthian
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