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Please leave notes of edits on discussion pages so it is easy to see how the page develops. If there are any general notes about a recipe that apply to all variations covered on the page, add this info at the very top of the page. At this time, all similar recipes should go on a single page. Place a top-level heading describing the variant (even if it is currently the only recipe on the page). Immediately below this heading, place any notes specific to that recipe in italics. Next, write the yeild, with "Yeild" in bold. Place a second-level heading named "Ingredients" and place the ingredients in a bulleted list, with the first instance of any important terms linked (even if they are red for the time being). Place another second level heading named "Directions", and place the directions, step-by-step, into a numbered list (using sub lists as necessary).

See: Chili for an example.

You can also copy and paste the template below to help get you started:

==Name of variation==
''Notes: Notes specific to this variation.''

'''Yeild''': 2-3 [[serving]]s
*¼ [[pound|lb]] [[this type]] [[ingredient]] ''or'' [[similar ingredient of the same type]] '''''or''''' 16 [[ounce|oz]] [[alternative type]] [[similar ingredient]]
*14 ½ oz [[this type]] [[ingredient]]
*1 lb [[ingredient]] '''''or''''' [[alternative ingredient]]
*1 small [[cutting techniques#Chop|chop]]ped [[ingredient]]
*1 [[cutting techniques#Mince|mince]]d [[ingredient]]
*2 [[tablespoon]]s [[spices#Spice name|spice]]
*½ [[teaspoon]] [[prepared herbs#herb name|herb]]
*[[ingredient]] [[cooking terms#To taste|to taste]]

#First step, [[special instructions]].
#Second step.
#Third step.
#Fourth step:
#:*Alternative one.
#:*Alternative two.

Which gives this result:

[edit] Name of variation

Notes: Notes specific to this variation.

Yeild: 2-3 servings

[edit] Ingredients

[edit] Directions

  1. First step, special instructions.
  2. Second step.
  3. Third step.
  4. Fourth step:
    • Alternative one.
    • Alternative two.
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