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Elisabeth and Odd converse with each other in Is Anybody Out There?.

OddxElisabeth is a shipping that supports the romance between Odd and Sissi. It is hinted at in Log Book, Just in Time, and several other episodes, but it is most evident in Deja Vu, where they both, unknowingly, date each other over the Internet and Odd flirts with Elisabeth in Mrs. Hertz's class. In The Key and many other episodes after Deja Vu, Odd starts to tease Elisabeth a lot less than he did in the first season. This is an indication of a possible romance between the two as well. Herb might be a contender for Elisabeth's heart, however; he also has feelings for her, and will take far more violent methods, than Odd if needed, to claim her affection.

Evidence of Elisabeth having love for Odd can also be found in the first season as well. For instance, in Just in Time, Sissi cried when she knew that Odd was stuck inside the school trying to get out. Time reversion erased her memories, however.

Odd often lets Elisabeth be in his various movies or music videos, such as Natural Grandeur and Break Break Break Dance. The reason as to why is unclear. Also, Odd's inflated ego got the better of him and he hatefully refuses to go with Elisabeth to the dance in The Key, using the same rejection that he had gotten from all the other girls on her, mocking her attitude (he mocks Elisabeth by saying in a high voice like hers "No, and I promised to take him Ulrich to the dance"). Also, contradictory behavior by both children before and after the events of Deja Vu also lend credit to perhaps a friendly rivalry.

In Bad Connection, Odd screened a new film that depicted the school as a "jungle" with many hilarious "creatures"; i.e. Jim dropping a shotput on his foot. The last scene of the film is Elisabeth in bed waking up. Elisabeth believes that he is going to make fun of her again (as she states that he does in all his other films). However, after his experience with her before the time reversion, he states that the blankets are a cocoon and once Sissi had fully emerged that she was a "beautiful butterfly", finishing with a small but genuine smile towards a startled Elisabeth. This may indicate that he's starting to have feelings for her. At the closing of Echoes, Odd stated sweetly to Elisabeth "school would be so boring without you".


  • In Just in Time, Elisabeth cried and said that Odd was stuck inside the dorm building with Milly and Tamiya.
  • In Is Anybody Out There?, one episode after the Internet dating fiasco, Sissi goes into Ulrich and Odd's dormitory because she was scared off by the spectre-ghost. She asks Odd if she can sit next to him, in a very sweet tone. She later tells Odd about her interrupted seance and the spectre, which he seems quite interested in, but Jim's screaming interrupts the her story.
  • In Contact, Odd helped Elisabeth get into the Factory Lift and showed a lot of concern for Sissi's well-being, despite having to embarrass her in front of the whole eighth grade by showing her breaking her nail in Natural Grandeur.
  • In Straight to Heart, near the begining of the episode, Sissi shows up, while people are getting scheduals. She comes for Ulrich, as usual, and is delighted to say that they are in the same class. She told Odd, who was trying to be funny, that "you(he) may be laughing now, but you'll(he'll) be crying in a few minutes" before kissing him on the nose, though he doesn't seem to excited. She waves goodbye to Odd, ignoring Ulrich. This may show that she is finally switching from chasing after Ulrich, to Odd.
  • In Bad Connection, Odd calls Sissi a "beautiful butterfly".
  • In Xana Awakens Part 1 Odd thinks she is a babe, when he sees her he even calls Ulrich lucky because of Sissi calling him "Ulrich, dear" but in Xana Awakens Part 2 he discovers her personality and doesn't think she is a babe anymore... that is, until Echoes.


  • Voice actors Matthew Geczy and Jodi Forrest have commented that they like this couple, though they weren't sure how was going to play out in the show.
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