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Code: WIKI is a collaborative project on the web to create a encyclopedia about Code Lyoko. It was first run by KFan II until he retired in December 2007. The 2nd Supersomputer was Djf2014 and he eventualley retired in August 2008 due to increasing inactivity. He appointed Wael as the new Supercomputer and ordered him to pick a co-supercomputer to avoid in activity problems and to keep the power in balance. Wael appointed D33DeeD33Guy as co supercomputer. Wael was removed from his position after attempting to take over Sector X's awards system and removing D33DeeD33Guy's supercomputer position. D33DeeD33Guy appointed Sector X as the new second Supercomputer. Code WIKI currently has 661 articles. It provides information on the characters, episodes, monsters, places, events, and entities with currently 752 members and plenty other readers who have not yet created an account. It has become the most active wiki on editthis several times and normally is one of the top 5-10 most popular.

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