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I'd Rather Not Talk About It

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I'd Rather Not Talk About It
Episode No. 74
Production No. 409
Air Date July 31, 2007
Sector Forest and Carthage
XANA attack method

I'd Rather Not Talk About It is the seventy-fourth episode of Code Lyoko. It aired on July 31, 2007.


The episode begins in the park, where Jeremie is trying to train his friends to get stronger. His efforts, however, produce little results. When his friends complain to that effect, Jeremie suggests finding a professional to do the job. Jim seems the logical choice, so they turn to him. Unfortunately for Jeremie, Jim decides to train all five of them when asked.

In the park, Jim runs the group through all sorts of training: several miles worth of running, crawling under barbed wire, wall climbing, and so forth. During the training, Xana activates a tower in Lyoko's forest sector, and possesses a wild boar to attack the group with. The boar injures Jim's knee upon finding them, and is lead away by Ulrich. Jeremie decides to stay with Jim while the others head to Lyoko. Ulrich manages to lose the boar by climbing the wall once again, so it makes its way back to Jeremie and Jim.

In the factory, Aelita discovers that in addition to the activated tower, William and four Mantas are attacking Lyoko's core. Ulrich arrives just after the discovery, so they split up into two teams: Aelita and Ulrich head for the tower, while Odd and Yumi go to protect the core.

In the Forest sector, Aelita and Ulrich can't find the tower at the location it's supposed to be, made all the more problematic by a pair of Krabes guarding the empty area. Aelita assumes she miscalculated, so they leave to search elsewhere. Meanwhile, Odd and Yumi arrive in the core zone. As they make their way up the steps, William sends two of the Mantas down to deal with them. Yumi takes out one as they pass.

In the park, Jeremie uses some plants to hide himself and Jim in a small cave. Using some branches and a torn cloth, Jeremie makes a splint for Jim's leg. When the problem of the boar's sense of smell comes up, Jeremie uses some peppermint leaves to confuse it. However, this doesn't last, and the boar finds them after a short period. Jeremie runs out of the cave to lead it away from Jim.

In the Forest sector, Aelita and Ulrich decide to try looking where the Krabes are again, since their search has proven fruitless. On their way back, the Krabes devirtualize Ulrich, and continuously dodge Aelita's attacks. From the interface screen, Ulrich is able to direct Aelita to the tower, but even then it is still nowhere in sight. A stray shot from Aelita reveals that it is just invisible. After taking out the two Krabes, Aelita heads for the tower.

In the core zone, Odd dives onto the leftover Manta, riding it to the top of the zone. William has the other two Mantas fire upon it. They destroy it after Odd jumps off. As Odd jumps, the remaining normal Manta devirtualizes him. Yumi's fans destroy both it and William's Manta in return. With his Manta gone, William tries to attack Yumi. However, Yumi tricks him into attacking recklessly, and manages to flip him into the path of one of her fans, devirtualizing him.

In the park, Jeremie ends up cornered by the boar. Before it can attack, Jim shows up to help. The boar knocks him out and turns its attention to Jeremie again, but the distraction is enough for Aelita to deactivate the tower in time.

Later that day, Jeremie mentions that a return trip wasn't necessary this time around, since for all Jim knows the boar was merely hostile, not abnormal. Jim comes by to explain that his leg will be healed in a couple of weeks, after which they can continue their training. Though Aelita, Odd, Ulrich, and Yumi excuse themselves, Jeremie wishes to continue, since he owes Jim for helping to fight the boar. The fact that Jim thinks Jeremie has guts also helps


  • This episode marks the first time since Final Round that XANA has targeted the Core of Lyoko.
  • This episode is named after Jim's frequently used catchphrase "I'd rather not talk about it".
  • Around 6 minutes and 50 seconds into the episode, Jim can be seen in New York City with The World Trade Center Towers behind him. This is one of the few post 9/11 showing of the towers since their destruction in the September 11th attacks.

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