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Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama

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Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama.

Mr. Takeyo Ishiyama and Mrs. Akiko Ishiyama are the parents of Yumi and Hiroki Ishiyama. Mr. Ishiyama often scolds his daughter for coming home late, breaking promises, and other various things. His wife is working on an encyclopedia. They have had a rather shaky marriage, often getting into heated arguments. Mrs. Ishiyama has commented that she shouldn't have married a man from Tokyo. When Takeyo lost his job, he yelled at his wife in front of his kids. Episodes such as Laughing Fit, The Chips Are Down, and Missing Link demonstrate this. Usually, the only thing holding them together is their concern for their daughter and son. However in Season 4 they seem to get along a lot better. Akiko, in a way very stereotypical of women, is very attached to her wardrobe and would not leave for vacation in Holiday in the Fog without her favourite clothes.


  • Akiko was never given a name in the series, but interviews with the cast revealed Akiko was her name.
  • It is revealed in A Space Oddity that Takeyo doesn't like pets in their house, but he immediately takes a liking to Kiwi at the end of the episode.
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